There are NO machines that make baskets    One basket can take anywhere between 2 and 10 hours to make    Keep this in mind when you purchase a basket from a big box store for a meer $10 to $20 - *most likely made by a woman in an underdeveloped country    MY baskets are made by MY hands in California    Thank you for supporting handmade, woman made, US made

My first memory of crocheting was at age 7, which is when mom taught me the craft.  With a very thin, pale yellow, soft yarn and a size G needle, I made a very small pair of booties for one of my dolls.

I sat in a garage crocheting away, while mom and her friend ran a sale of unwanted this-and-thats.  I remember a woman walking up to me and saying, "Wow, you know how to crochet?"  I was very proud; and with a smile and confidence in my voice, I said, "Yes!"

I've been crocheting for 41 years since!

My line of utility goods are practical and beautiful.  Useful and minimal.  And, with the use of quality natural fibers, sourced from Japan and Scotland, I put my time, energy, spirit, and personality into each piece.

Thank you for supporting handmade, woman-made, and US made.